Maritime Law
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We are determined to continue to provide clear and prompt legal service to our clients in the
maritime business community and represent our clients' best interests with drive and enthusiasm.

BL/Charter Party Disputes

Kwon & Co. has dealt with various shipping contract disputes including B/L, charter party, contract of affreightment and intermodal transport contract.

We have abundant legal experience in advising and litigating B/L cases regarding cargo claim, cargo mis-delivery, rejection of cargo by consignee, package limitation and on-deck shipment cargo concerning the Korean Commercial Code, English Carriage of Goods By Sea Act(COGSA), US COGSA, Japanese COGSA, Chinese Maritime Law as well as international conventions, especially the Hague-Visby Rules. We have provided effective yet prompt legal services as to vessel arrest, release or objection of seizure where swift and urgent actions are required.

Especially, in time charter disputes involving complex issues of vessel withdrawal, off-hire, additional war-risk premium, sub-hire lien and repudiation, we represented both domestic owners and charterers and numerous international shipping companies which are members of P&I clubs including Gard, Britannia, London P&I, North of England, Skuld, Standard, Steamship Mutual, West of England et al. and delivered the utmost results.

We have also addressed cases related to the conclusion and cancellation of voyage charterparty, commencement of laytime and demurrage calculation, safe port and other issues arising under a voyage charterparty.

Through this extensive experience, we have managed to retain top-tier legal service in charterparty disputes.

Vessel Collision

Vessel collision is one of the major cases we handle. As one of the few experts of vessel collision in Korea with a proven track record, we have successfully handled providing legal service for Gard P&I Club and their Members Seaspan Ltd when M.V. “Seaspan Ganges” was hit by M.V. “Milano Bridge” while discharging at Berth of PNC Terminal in Busan in April of 2020.

We also represented the owners of M.V. “Taiyo 1” involved in a suspected collision with F.V. “Keumyang 98” in 2010.

Salvage and General Average

Regarding vessel and cargo rescue, wreck removal and general average, we have assisted ship or cargo owners in finding competent salvage contractor, concluding salvage agreement of various forms such as LOF(No Cure, No Pay), LOF(Lump-sum), LOF-SCOPIC and wreck removal contract on ISU Wreckfixed 99(No Cure, No Pay) form, and collecting of GA Bond, GA Guarantee or salvage guarantee.

Recently Kwon & Co. represented Korean Reinsurance Company and Meritz Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd. to enter into a Wreckhire agreement following termination of LOF-SCOPIC for the salvage of M.V. “Stellar Banner”. Kwon & Co is the first shipping law firm in Korea to negotiate a Wreckhire agreement with the salvors directly.


When disaster occurs, Kwon & Co. participates and directs a thorough investigation and immediately formulates an effective legal strategy by working closely with our clients.

Kwon & Co. has assisted Sajo Industries in an Ammonia leakage case in 2014 which resulted in multiple casualties and provided legal assistance for 7 years until 2021. Kwon & Co. has also handled an explosion case of dangerous goods near the Suez Canal in 2014, representing Hanjin Shipping. Currently, Kwon & Co. represents a foreign shipping company and their P&I Club in Korea regarding the breakout of the fire on the car carrier.