Corporate Restructuring and Corporate Law
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We are determined to continue to provide clear and prompt legal service to our clients in the
maritime business community and represent our clients' best interests with drive and enthusiasm.

Rehabilitation / Bankruptcy

Kwon & Co. is well-versed in bankruptcy practice from representing numerous rehabilitation and bankruptcy cases on behalf of ship owners.

Since 2009 when multiple ship owners including Samsun Logix, TPC Korea, Daewoo Logistics and Hanjin Shipping entered into the rehabilitation process, we have assisted UK's finest maritime law firms and P&I clubs, accumulating broad experience and deep knowledge in cross-border insolvency cases.

Specifically, we have gained extensive experience in rehabilitation procedure from representing ship owners in collecting account receivables and attending creditors' meetings.

Corporate Law

Kwon & Co. has also provided legal opinions on general corporate issues including updating reverse side terms of B/L, reviewing logistics service agreements as well as over 100 various contracts for Hanjin Shipping.

Kwon & Co. has assisted S company affiliates’ technical licence agreement with a foreign telecommunication company and advised on OEM, ODM production issues, and has recently reviewed delivery contract of zirconium products between a Russian energy company and Korean company as well as security agreement between a Swiss bank and Swiss trade company regarding copper concentrate exported to Korea.

Kwon & Co. is currently the adviser firm to SK Shipping Ltd. and T.S. Lines, a Taiwanese shipping firm.