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We are determined to continue to provide clear and prompt legal service to our clients in the
maritime business community and represent our clients' best interests with drive and enthusiasm.

International Disputes · Arbitration

Kwon & Co. deals with numerous international disputes and international arbitrations on behalf of foreign clients around the globe in courts and in KCAB. The attorneys at Kwon & Co. are all fluent in English which enables them to communicate closely with clients and provide prompt and effective legal solutions.

Kwon & Co. has also dealt with an LMAA Small Claims Procedure case by themselves without an English solicitor in a time-charter dispute regarding hire and received good results, and also have proceeded with London Arbitration solely without an English solicitor on behalf of Shinsung Shipping in the case regarding a damage claim from termination of the long-term voyage charterparty and successfully defended the case.

International Transaction

Kwon & Co. has a great deal of experience in handling disputes involving letter of credit, issues ranging from strict compliance rule under Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits(UCP) to bank’s liability in case of forged Bill of Lading.