General Civil ・ Criminal Cases
법무법인 해 윤Law Offices Kwon & Co.

We are determined to continue to provide clear and prompt legal service to our clients in the
maritime business community and represent our clients' best interests with drive and enthusiasm.

Construction Disputes

Kwon & Co. has various experience in construction business such as development and redevelopment.

Kwon & Co. has represented multiple development litigations and reviewed numerous PF contracts regarding construction. Kwon & Co. was the first to win the sale demand litigation against Hwagok 3rd Bloc Redevelopment Association, confirming our excellency in development and redevelopment disputes. Reconstruction is one of Kwon & Co.’s top expertise next to maritime disputes.

IP Right Disputes

Kwon & Co. has experience in IP rights disputes as well, providing legal assistance to publishing companies on copyright issues. We have also filed TRO of advertisement on behalf of song writers.

Civil Cases

We also possess immense experience in civil cases such as transfer of ownership registry, eviction claims, industrial accident compensation claims and have achieved satisfactory outcomes for our clients.

Criminal Cases

We have also represented presidents of shipping companies in fraud charges, captains and officers involved in vessel collision and tax law breaches.